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SOLUTIONS-->IP Call Managment System (VoIP)

Business Communication with your budget in mind

Cut your costs by streamlining your data and voice traffic on a single network. Johnson Business Technologies has extensive experience effectively designing and deploying Cisco's Unified Communications suite of products with voice, video, presence, and mobility in both small and large organizations. This reliable corporate communication system provides increased reliability and redundancy over traditional PBX/Key systems by utilizing a distributed call processing design, and it is an effective communication management solution in single and muli-site environments.

We also support other VoIP phone systems including ShoreTel and TrixBox. Our experience with various solutions, bring extensive design and support capabilities to properly design and implement the right technology for your business.

Without the guidance of a strong business partner that knows both the VoIP and underlying switching and communication architecture, a successful and productive system could be at risk. Johnson Business Technology Solutions employs competent network engineers to provide a solid infrastructure that supports the demands of the integrated systems architectures needed for today and the future.

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